For Women, More Valuable Career Or Take care Care of Children?

Determining a family or career choice to be a problem for the newly married woman. The demands of being a wife and mother who is responsible sometimes clashed with the desire to continue a career that has been pioneered since the first. 

Get married and have a happy family indeed is the desire of every woman. But in practice, the role of a woman become so complex when entering the stage of marriage. A woman is required to be a wife and mother who is responsible for the child and the integrity of households but on the other hand, women also have a desire to advance the careers that have been initiated since the first. 

There are several reasons that make women still work even though they are married. The salary of the husband who does not meet the needs of everyday life, not willing to leave a career that has been initiated since are single, or the need to eliminate saturation, etc. 

Mother had another opinion? 
What if had to choose, choose a career or children? 

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