What Clothes To Avoid In the Rainy Season in 2015

The outdoor fun should not be subjected to the whims of the weather. If an individual intends to move outside, no matters what, he put his feet outside. Rainy season is undoubtedly a season of the fun and joviality. Sitting in the balcony or the verandah of your house and having the cup of coffee with your friends or soul mate sounds something cute and enthusiastic. But you have to move outside as an either you are a school student or a professional, irrespective of the season. Plus, you have to be very discreet about the apparels and the other precautions whilst the rainy season. With the wet environment in the surroundings, somewhat humidity also covers the ambiance. So, you must take care of it also. The outfits that you will choose must be befitting for the rainy as well as the humid season too.

The outfits are the paramount chunk of any season, whether it is the summer, rainy or the winter. Rainy season is though the season of the ecstasy and merriness, but still some important considerations are to be comprehended. Here, I am going to discuss the outfits that should be avoided in the rainy season.

·            Avoid light colored clothes: Stay away from the white or light colored outfits in the rainy season. They will get mud spoiled from the dirty water in the puddles and even spoil your entire attire. Plus, it gets transparent. So, it is better to keep away from them rather than getting embarrassed.

·            Keep leather and suede away: Avoid to wear the leather and suede outfits and footwears during the rainy season. They will get easily spoiled when they come in contact with the muck and water. Pick the open sandals that do not accumulate water.

·            Avoid Silk and Denims: Denim is the fabric that takes a lot time to dry and wearing that wetty you will feel yuck. So, it is better to avoid it. Plus, as for the silk, for the girls, don’t pick for the silk fabric. If it will get stained or blemished, then it will get spoiled.

·            No heels: Avoid heels. Prefer the flats or a pair of gumboots or you can stick with the plastic shoes or the crocs, it is really comfy.

·            An umbrella-must-have piece of accessory: Buy the umbrellas by perceiving their longevity and robustness. Though, small and cute umbrellas are just awesome to wear. But, pick the one that are actually designed to endure the strong winds and the extra longevity may be worth the price tag.

Rainy season is the paramount season for fun and amusement. But, if you want to enjoy it fully, then you must take some precautions in terms of the apparels too. Want to keep smiling broadly throughout the rainy season, take care of your health vigilantly.


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