Before I discuss more, firstly it is important to understand the difference between Fashion and style?

Fashion = Fashion having a relationship with external.

Fashion is what you see in stores right now, the trends, buy it today or wear it. Because it is not going to make any sense of wearing it next season, though the trend is over. So, it`s just a waste of money technically.

Style = Style having a relationship with internal.

Style which you have bought many years ago and still wearing it with enthusiasm, because you loved to wear it and it was ‘so you’ and fits you perfectly.

I think after reading these two definitions, your confusion between the style and fashion has somewhat got cleared.

In my opinion, very few men can be classified as ‘stylish’ while much more men are considered as ‘fashionable’.’


The difference between fashion and style can be distinguished by the small elements, we start with those people who confirms that the power of fashion is all around the world. If your clothing is matching the current fashion trend, then you are fashionable. We all know every year new fashion trend will come, high-fashion brands will change their collection in every six months during fashion weeks, by which high-street and E-commerce stores also bring the new collections out as often as weekly. Fashion will change every day, sometimes people use to say what you are wearing is not in fashion, go and wear something else which is in trend.


If you don’t follow fashion rules, then style comes to play.  Rules can be broken to be in style, not following the current fashion trend. Style is somewhat in which you are comfortable, even wearing those clothes which are not in fashion and walk with your attitude.

Wearing what is in fashion is like to obey someone rules, wear those clothes which is placed in front of you, which necessarily doesn’t execute great style.


Men`s are very concerned regarding their fashion status. Some men think spending on shopping and caring of appearance is girly thing.  But style is a mode of expression, especially in clothes a way which tells how well-dressed men look. Style requires versatility, consistency, appreciation, and can be challenging. Style always pushes the boundaries of what we consider and timeless dressing, which makes style separates from fashion.


Whether you are finding inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest or through a magazine or from fashion blogs, it is easy to find details on latest clothing trends. Sometimes, you will found that few garments are not suiting your body type or just not appropriate to you, but the stylish men will find something which suits him the best. Fashion can break at some point, but own style will always remain.

I honestly said, only few men can be considered as stylish. Many can be thought as well dressed, extremely well-dressed.

Now, more men are taking interest in their appearance, still there is a long way to go. The world of menswear is becoming more prevalent these days. But some men still following the crowd and not thinking about their appearance and clothing like a woman`s world.

So, from now be remembered for what you do next- becoming a well-dressed/fashionable men or stylish men.

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