Must Things to Do Right After Engagement

Congratulations! You are finally engaged and there are certain things that you need to do immediately after exchanging the rings. In fact, even if you decide to wait some time before finalizing the date for your wedding.

1.     Get Your Ring Sized

The stunning solitaire in your finger looks perfect in every possible way. But, look for any space in between your finger and the band, or maybe it fits a bit tightly. I am sure that you don’t want to lose it under any circumstances, nor you can remove it since it is your engagement ring and you would be showing it to everyone around you. So, do the first thing of getting it altered to the right size. It will only take few hours or at most a day to get that done.

2.    Get the Ring Insured

Of course, nobody and nothing can replace the sentiments that are associated with your engagement ring but if anything ever happens to it, at least you can get your (or his/her) money back if it would be insured. If the ring is inherited or you have bought it from some third party agent, then take it to some reputed jeweler and get the appraisal done before you can get it insured. Call your insurance broker. He would be able to assist you with the documents required for insurance.

3.    Set a Date (Even If It Is Not ‘The’ Date)

After everybody is done congratulating you and praising the sparkling band on your finger, they are going you ask you about “When is the wedding date?” So, have at least a rough date decided in your mind. For instance, you can say that you are planning to get married in the winter months. People feel good when they know that you are keeping them in loop. Also, this would give you and your fiancé a direction to start planning for.

Plan the size of your wedding and hire a wedding planner to get the things going smoothly for you. Trust us! Organizing a wedding can involve a lot. You will need caterers, sound system, lightning and decorations among many other tasks to be performed. Finding the best in each department and negotiating with those people is something that your wedding planner would be able to do the best. Also, you need someone you can rely on to do last minute things for you on the day of wedding.

5.    Chill Out and Have Some Fun

The courtship period is probably the best and most memorable time that you both are going to spend together. Plan those romantic dates together, go out for shopping together, plan your wedding ceremonies, get yourself a choreographer to coordinate your wedding date and just go out doing certain activities together that you both enjoy. Trust us! This is the best time for you both and you are allowed to enjoy it completely – with the permission from everyone around.

Your wedding day is going to go without any hitches since your wedding planner would be there to ensure of that. So, make the most out of this period and enjoy the time with your family, friends and fiancé. 


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